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What is working as a HoH individual in Corporate America like?

Corporate America. For some it is the big bad wolf, while for others it's the greatest thing ever. It evokes a range of emotions that continuously oscillate between joy and frustration, exhaustion even. As with many other jobs, Corporate America has its good and its bad, but the thing is it is so varied, with… Continue reading What is working as a HoH individual in Corporate America like?

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Disabled versus Differently-Abled

In recent days, I've seen this debate come up about why we still use the term "disabled" and that it should be "differently-abled" to be more inclusive of everyone who has different levels of ability. This has shown up not just online but also at work and with friends, and quite frankly, I've had just… Continue reading Disabled versus Differently-Abled


HoH/Deaf Accessibility of the Danish Royal Palaces

So now that I have talked about all of the Royal Palaces in Denmark, I must talk about this. What really struck me about the Royal Palaces, and perhaps this is a reflection of Danish culture, is just how HoH and Deaf-Friendly they were. Yes, the palaces echoed, but unlike MANY, MANY places that I… Continue reading HoH/Deaf Accessibility of the Danish Royal Palaces


Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen

Another Royal Palace, where the Royal Family lived for a period of time. It is currently the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danis Prime Minister’s Offices, and the Supreme Courts. Some of the parts are used by the Queen, such as the Royal Reception Rooms, the Palace Chapel, and the Royal Stables, to this… Continue reading Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen


Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace is another Royal Castle in Copenhagen, and while a part of it is a museum, it is also the current home of the Danish Royal Family. There are four palaces around a plaza, in the shape of a square. Once again, the Palace also has a garden. Originally, they were built as residences… Continue reading Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen


Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

The castle was built in the early 17th century by King Christian IV and is surrounded by the King’s Garden, which is a park. Apparently this castle was initially built as a summer home, but it was Christian IV’s favorite. In fact, it was used as a Royal residence until 1710, after which it was… Continue reading Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

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Visiting New York City during COVID-19

New York City is experiencing lockdown due to COVID-19, and the experience is unlike any other. A city that never sleeps is now quiet, and for once, you can hear sounds that would not normally be associated with NYC.


Sankt Hans Aften

I was lucky to visit Denmark for Saint John’s Eve (Sankt Hans), which also coincides with Midsummer. Sankt Hans Aften, if you’re familiar with Christianity, starts on sunset on June 23, and is the eve of the celebration known as the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. Saint John the Baptist was an important… Continue reading Sankt Hans Aften


Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar: A Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant in Vesterbro

If you’re looking to get away from the Danish food, and want something Japanese, this Izakaya-style restaurant located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district is absolutely amazing. It is on the more expensive side, but totally worth the price for the experience. Furthermore, because this is Denmark, and they’re located so close to the sea, the fish… Continue reading Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar: A Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant in Vesterbro