Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen

Another Royal Palace, where the Royal Family lived for a period of time. It is currently the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danis Prime Minister’s Offices, and the Supreme Courts. Some of the parts are used by the Queen, such as the Royal Reception Rooms, the Palace Chapel, and the Royal Stables, to this day.

When the queen is not using them, those places are open to the public for visiting, but do not be surprised if they ask you to put on shoe covering. What I really enjoyed about this palace was the richness of the colors, and the fact that it had a pretty cool library—of course, not quite Beauty and the Beast style, but still something different than the average person.

The castle went through two fires, and as a result the one that you see today is from three eras of Danish Architecture. If you’re not familiar with Danish Architecture, I have to say that it’s hard to tell the difference from the outside.

Most of the visit consisted of seeing the Reception Rooms—one of which had the most horrid tapestries with bright colors and I’m not even sure if it’s avant-garde, or cubist, but in any case they recount the history of Denmark.

I was sad that the Royal Stables were closed because the horses were out, but still it was a nice visit, though I don’t think I would recommend the palace if you have been to all the others already.

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