Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar: A Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant in Vesterbro

If you’re looking to get away from the Danish food, and want something Japanese, this Izakaya-style restaurant located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district is absolutely amazing.

It is on the more expensive side, but totally worth the price for the experience. Furthermore, because this is Denmark, and they’re located so close to the sea, the fish and the food served in here is top-notch. So fresh, so well cooked, and very delicious.

We got the Omakase Tasting menu, which meant that we left it up to the chef to choose what we were going to eat. And we were NOT disappointed. Also, we asked for the Sake Tasting menu, and the waiter paired the perfect sake with the upcoming meal, so it was always in sync.

Furthermore, the service there was amazing! Our waiter was very knowledgeable about Japan, Japanese food, and the Sake, so he was able to explain to us the flavor pairs with ease.

However, my biggest beef with this place is that it got super loud very quickly as the evening wore on, and it was hard to have a conversation with anyone. Not a highly recommended if you are hard-of-hearing and struggle to follow conversation in a loud environment, or get headaches from being in such loud environments.

Overall, an 7 out of 10 experience because of all that (points off for the loudness y’all), so if you do visit Copenhagen, you can visit it.

Also, you can find out more about them and their menu at: Jah Izakaya

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