This little location is an absolute gem—and probably every tourist’s dream! The waterfront houses are originals from the 17th and 18th centuries, and they continue to be painted in bold and beautiful colors. Hans Christian Anderson used to live in some of these, as I mentioned in my earlier travel guide, here. Today Nyhaven is… Continue reading Nyhavn


Atelier September: A Good Place to Slow Down

Looking for a good place that serves coffee and refreshements, but has a Hygge vibe, and is eco-friendly? Atelier September is definitely the place to visit. It reminds me of a farm-house kitchen in the middle of the countryside, yet it is actually located in the city of Copenhagen. It’s cute, and cozy, but also… Continue reading Atelier September: A Good Place to Slow Down

Coffee Talk

COVID-19 brings challenges for Hard of Hearing Individuals

As you can see, I have avoided any mention of COVID-19 here in the last several months since the situation has begun developing. Based on the things that I was seeing, people were overwhelmed with all the misinformation, fear, frustration, and anger. It was too chaotic, too uncertain a time to have a conversation about… Continue reading COVID-19 brings challenges for Hard of Hearing Individuals


Danish Food: Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish dish consisting of toast topped with various foods: cold cuts, pieces of meat, fish, cheese or spreads, and garnishes. Supposedly it is popular in Scandinavia, but I have it on good account that it’s not just typical to this region. You can find it EVERYWHERE in Denmark, and while strange-looking… Continue reading Danish Food: Smørrebrød


Black Diamond

This is the extension of the Royal Danish Library, and it is a good place to stop by to at least admire. You can sit down on the steps outside, by the canal to take in a moment and enjoy the city. Or you could go inside. While not all parts of the library are… Continue reading Black Diamond