Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace is another Royal Castle in Copenhagen, and while a part of it is a museum, it is also the current home of the Danish Royal Family. There are four palaces around a plaza, in the shape of a square. Once again, the Palace also has a garden.

Originally, they were built as residences for four high-ranking aristocrats, but the Royal Family moved into Amalienborg in 1794 when the old Christianborg Palace burnt down, and it has been their home since.

Of the four palaces, only the one known as Christian VIII’s Palace is a museum, that the public can visit. The other three consist of two that are residences of the Queen, Crown Prince, and the third that is the Queen’s palace for guests and official receptions.

Nonetheless, it is still astounding. You get a chance to see the changing of the guards every two hours with a complete change of the guard every day at 12pm. And you can tell if the queen is in residency due to a raised flag.

But perhaps the museum is the most revealing—you learn about the Royal Family’s history and what lead them to move there, as well as the fire that forced them to take up residency in Rosenborg. There’s 150 years of history that brings the Royal Family into modernity, and I loved the personal touches of the Royal Family. I loved seeing the desk of the king with all the photos, and the sitting room of the queen where she sewed, because it made them seem more relatable, rather than someone far removed from the average person.

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