HoH/Deaf Accessibility of the Danish Royal Palaces

So now that I have talked about all of the Royal Palaces in Denmark, I must talk about this. What really struck me about the Royal Palaces, and perhaps this is a reflection of Danish culture, is just how HoH and Deaf-Friendly they were.

Yes, the palaces echoed, but unlike MANY, MANY places that I have previously visited, especially Royal Castles, the Danish Royal Palaces differed in that each one had its own website.

Ok, so what, right?

Well, not so fast—each of these websites allowed you to access information on the actual castle as well as the pieces inside the castle. All of the pieces were labeled, and if you looked at the rooms you were in, you would be able to just tap on the button, and learn more.

Basically, you could do the tour on your own, and the best part is, you don’t have to have a guide to explain to you the basics of what you’re looking at. And that is mind blowing! I didn’t have to stand and wonder what I was looking at, or what cultural significance the item held—I could just find it on the websites.

Christianborg Palace worked a little bit differently, but they have plenty of information around that you could find around the palace to learn more.

The websites that give you the tours:



Christianborg General Info.

So if you plan to go to Copenhagen and visit these castle, use these links and make your life a lot easier by reading while visiting!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to the Danish Royal Palaces that is managed by the National Museum of Denmark for brilliantly executing this to make our lives easier.

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