Photostory: Copenhagen’s Daily Life Outtakes

Photo Outtakes from Copenhagen


Danish Food: Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish dish consisting of toast topped with various foods: cold cuts, pieces of meat, fish, cheese or spreads, and garnishes. Supposedly it is popular in Scandinavia, but I have it on good account that it’s not just typical to this region. You can find it EVERYWHERE in Denmark, and while strange-looking… Continue reading Danish Food: Smørrebrød


Black Diamond

This is the extension of the Royal Danish Library, and it is a good place to stop by to at least admire. You can sit down on the steps outside, by the canal to take in a moment and enjoy the city. Or you could go inside. While not all parts of the library are… Continue reading Black Diamond



The Torvehallerne is a foodhalken—or a food hall—as I mentioned in my earlier guide to Copenhagen (can be found here). This is a great place to buy lunch, grab coffee, and do your groceries. During the five day stay in Copenhagen, we came here at least three times to eat and explore, and the food… Continue reading Torvehallerne


Vor Frelsers Kirke Spire

Vor Frelsers Kirke, also known as Our Saviour’s Church, is a baroque church located in Christianhaven, a district of Copenhagen. It is famous for its helix spire with an external winding staircase that can be climbed to the top, and which offers views of central Copenhagen. Views of the Church’s Spire from the outside To… Continue reading Vor Frelsers Kirke Spire


Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

The Rundetaarn is a great location in Copenhagen to get beautiful views of the city, while also being a quiet place to find respite for Hard of Hearing individuals.


Copenhagen: First Impressions

The first time I heard of Copenhagen was when my father booked tickets in 2006 to pick me up from Barcelona during a trip. Needless to say, his experience in the airport gave me bad vibes, and years later, when a friend of the family ended up getting on the wrong flight, I became hesitant… Continue reading Copenhagen: First Impressions