Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

The Rundetaarn, the Round Tower, is a 17th century tower that was one of the architectural projects under King Christian IV of Denmark. It was originally built as an astronomical observatory, and is famous for it equestrian staircase, which really is one big helical corridor with a ramp. It is part of the Trinitatis Complex, and connected to the Trinitatis Church. It used to also house an academic library, the first beginnings of the Copenhagen University Library.

Today, it’s an observatory tower with views of Copenhagen, a historical monument, a public astronomical observatory, and the former library has been converted into exhibition and show space. You do have to pay to get in, but it is definitely a fund little location to go to, especially perfect in the early mornings during the weekdays when people are busy with work and not many tourists are around.

Helical Corridor of the Rundetaarn

That said, the helical corridor is so much fun for creative photography, especially with all of the beautiful lighting coming in from the windows. But, it can be difficult to walk up, especially if you get dizzy or have a hard time with walking up inclines for a longer period of time.

Strolling around the Rundetaarn, feeling like Tomb Raider

What I loved about the Rundetaarn was how quiet it was during the hours of the morning that we went. It was empty in the actual corridor, with some people at the top enjoying the views. This allowed me to relax and get a feel for the place, find a moment of peace to center myself before heading out into the place where I knew the noise levels were going to go up.

Views from the top

Unfortunately, like many of today’s observatories, this one has a fence around it for security and protection, so you cannot actually get an unobstructed view of the city once you get up there. Still, it’s a vantage point that you can get to easily, and get a chance to see the city from higher up. That said, there is limited space at the top, and it can get quite tight with a lot of people.

Face that the Rundetaarn makes in its corridors. 🙂

On the way back down, I explored more of the place, and also people watched. It’s a good playground for kids to play hide-and-seek while they run up the corridor. But the lighting in this place is just amazing. You can also see into the storage space, the exhibition space, and they also have a glass door that allows you to look into the church without actually having to enter (although you most likely could)

Playing some peek-a-boo
Chair with amazing lighting in a storage space section of the Rundetaarn

Supposedly, there is a rumor that someone rode a car up the ramp during some time period. It has never been proven, but it’s a fun fact! (Although to be honest, I’m not sure how you can get a car in through the doors of this place)

If you plan on visiting Copenhagen, this is definitely one of the must-sees, if you’re a photographer or you just want to have a nice view of the city from a higher location. Even if you’re afraid of heights, this is perfect place to visit because the fencing is a few feet away from the edge, and is so high.

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