The Torvehallerne is a foodhalken—or a food hall—as I mentioned in my earlier guide to Copenhagen (can be found here). This is a great place to buy lunch, grab coffee, and do your groceries.

During the five day stay in Copenhagen, we came here at least three times to eat and explore, and the food is just absolutely delicious. You really cannot go wrong with this place, and there is an option for everyone! Furthermore, if you’re with a bigger party who has different preferences, everyone can go their separate ways to buy food from different vendors, and then meet up at a pre-appointed location, where you can sit all together and eat. There’s plenty of space to sit in here.

One thing though, is that this location tends to get loud, because of the way the acoustics are designed—so it may be difficult for anyone to follow a conversation. Nonetheless, it’s worth experiencing at least once when you’re in Copenhagen.

The Outdoor Market in the Torvehallerne
Teas for sale
The Hygge vibe of one of the restaurants
New Employee Training at a Coffee Shop

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