Eight Things I Enjoyed about Copenhagen

Tesla in Copenhagen

1. It has Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hooge) is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” as per Google. Everywhere that we visited in Copenhagen had a welcoming and cozy feel. One of the things that I noticed was that many restaurants and stores use a lot of wood-based paneling, or wood items in their decor, which is great as it does make the place cozy as well as quieter. There’s not that much echo in the locations, and you can comfortably sit and enjoy a conversation. At the same time, everything is so well lit by natural lighting.

2. Environment-friendly and not wasteful.

Everything in Copenhagen is about being environmentally friendly and not waste anything. There were few plastic cups, forks, knives, straws or bags. If you wanted a carry-out coffee, you got it on recycled paper/cardboard. The Danes seem to use everything as much as they can to not be wasteful, based on my limited time there. That extends to the food too—you get just enough to eat everything and not leave anything behind.

3. Bike lanes for biking every day

It’s not an exercise, it’s a lifestyle in Copenhagen. It seems like the whole city is biking every day, and the bike lanes are always busy. This is what made the city interesting—watching people bike around their lives, and the hundreds of thousand of bikes that congregated in certain parts of the city. One thing that surprised me also was how respectful drivers were to people riding the bikes, giving them the right of the road. Overall, it has made the city that much quieter, which makes it that much better for people who are sensitive to sounds, and also for hard of hearing individuals who like to hear the world around them, away from the cars. That said, I wonder how they fare during the winter months.

Woman biking in Copenhagen

4. Plenty of Green Spaces

One thing I love about Warsaw is just how green it is. Well, it’s no different in Copenhagen! They have a lot of trees, and patches of grass. Furthermore, there’s a big park nearby the Rosenborg Castle, where people enjoy hanging out with friends during the weekends. And where there is a lack of green space, well there’s always water. The citizens of Copenhagen definitely have an affinity for water too, as there are lot of boats, ships, and kayaks to be seen around the city on any given day.

Green Spaces  Near Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen
Gardens of the Rosenborg Castle

5. Museums and Palaces are super accessible for Hard of Hearing Individuals

One thing that really took me by surprise was just how accessible the information is in the Palaces we visited. Everything can be found in written format, so you don’t really need a guide or an audio guide at all to learn about the locations. Of course, there are probably pieces of history and information that I missed out on, since I didn’t go with a guide throughout these palaces, but I also was able to go at my pace and learn as much as I could about the palaces. That makes it a HUGE plus in my book!

6. Using English to get around is easy

Not every city in Europe has a population with such a high and thorough understanding of English. I kept hearing it over and over again, even between locals, as it seems to be a popular language in Copenhagen, which made it easier to communicate with others. While I don’t necessarily believe that every major foreign city should have a population that mainly speaks English (because, hey, that’s the beauty of language—I love hearing the different ones!), it was a nice respite to go to a place where we could interact naturally with locals.

7. Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle

With the biking, and water sports, there seems to be a huge focus in Copenhagen about living a healthy life-style. The food was fresh, and clean. Finding natural products, such as fresh-squeezed juices and homemade lemonades, was easy in this city. There’s even a food market in the city, and all of the fruits look organic.

8. Beautiful colors and architecture of Historic Copenhagen

Not sure what there is more to say about this, but it’s just amazing how colorful everything in Copenhagen is! You would think that because it’s a northern country, things would be grey—which is true to some extent—it truly isn’t! They use such BOLD colors everywhere, which brightens up the mood in the city. I can only imagine how gorgeous this is during the winter time, when the days are short and the nights are even longer.

Colorful Historic Copenhagen

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