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Book Review: You Are A Badass

Title:You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
Author: Jen Sincero
Genre: self-help, non-fiction, personal development.

What It’s About: Learning that you are here for a purpose–the skills, the passions, the knowledge and the support that you have, can lead to you having a life that you love, that you want, and one that you’ve created yourself according to your own terms. It all starts with believing that you are capable of reaching that goal but trusting that it will come in due time.

My Thoughts: While the description above is a little simplistic of the book, it is kind of the gist of it. Unlike the Super Attractor book that I wrote about a little while ago, this book has been more about focusing on how you choose what you want. It’s a little less spiritual in the sense there is no mention of the Arch Angels, though it still does have that core of faith. Basically, you have to have faith in the fact that you are capable, that the world has an abundance of experiences and choices for you if those are the choices that you want to pursue.

I’ve started to read this series of books because I’ve heard good stuff about it, and I figured that this year is one for self-development. Truthfully, while Super Attractor has made it possible for me to figure out a way to lift myself out of those negative emotions so that things don’t spiral down from bad to worse, You’re a Badass, reminds me so much of how much we lose our childlike ability to believe that all of our dreams can come true and be even better than we expected.

One of the biggest things is that what we say to ourselves is what our reality is. And the more I read these books, or even other self-help, personal development and leadership books, the more I realize that it is true. We are humans who are trapped by our own minds into one perception–the way that we see things, perceive things, usually frames what we believe to be reality. It’s definitely made me change perspectives on things and I’ve found that I’m doing a lot less complaining these days than I used to–but it is a practice that I have to hold myself to daily.

If you’re feeling stuck and are open to the idea of manifesting your own reality, definitely give this book a try. That said, if you’re not a fan of cursing in written language–then stay away, this book has different curses on every page. But otherwise, it’s written with humor, and I’ve found myself chuckling late at night trying to keep myself from full-on laughter.

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