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Book Review: Be a Triangle

Title: Be a Triangle
Author: Lilly Singh
Genre: Personal Development, Self-Help, Memoir

What It’s About: The book starts out with some “real talk” from the author about how she procrastinated the start of writing this book, and goes on to talk about how triangles are one of the strongest types of geometric figures out there because when you build on top of a triangle, it still stays a triangle, while a circle becomes and oval, and a square becomes a rectangle. This is because triangles have a solid base, and this is what we should aim to do in our lives in order to live fulfilling lives.

Fundamentally there are two points in this: relationship with Yourself, and a Relationship with the Universe. These two points can be derailed by Distractions.

When you think of yourself, how would you describe yourself? Intelligent, brave, kind, etc. While these words are things that you are defining yourself with today, that doesn’t meant that these are true of you 100% of the time. There are days when you’re moody and so you’re not kind, even though you aim to be. As such, labels are so unrealistic for us as people, as they change from mood to mood, and also as you grow–you are not the same person today as you were 2 years ago, 5 years ago or 10 years ago. People often jump into these conclusions about themselves, such as “I’m stupid” when they don’t get a certain topic or item. The point is to be kinder to yourself, and change your mindset–instead of thinking that you’re stupid, think about how you’re solving this problem or other problem.

Having a relationship with the universe-really it’s all about gratitude, for the things you have, the place you are in, and staying in gratitude no matter what. What you give, you get back thousandfold. And while it’s easy to fall into anger when you have a bad day, staying in gratitude for the lessons that bad day teaches you, leaves you in an open energy.

Everything else that is not what you want to achieve–the problems that crop up throughout your day, whether it’s something going wrong at home or work, including getting stuck in traffic on the way to work–these are distractions from the thing that you want to achieve. So if you don’t pay attention to them enough to become a bothersome thing to your day (but you solve them),the day will be so much easier to deal with.

The author ends the book with some self-reflection

My Thoughts: This book is a very easy read–98 pages long, took me an hour or two to read it before bed. But it’s information that is cliched in my opinion–things that I’ve already learned from Super Attractor or You Are a Badass series, with the author providing some personal anecdotes and humor (98% of which I absolutely did not get). So much of it was information that the other two books/series explain in so much better terms and make you really think, that this book was totally unmemorable except for the fact it was decently short. Unless you like Lilly Singh’s humor and know who she is, or need a quick crash course on the Law of Attraction (because that is essentially what it is) as you find these book really boring to read, don’t bother reading this book.

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