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Book Review: Bones Don’t Lie

Title: Bones Don’t Lie
Author: Melinda Leigh
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

What’s it about: When the 1980’s Buick gets pulled out of Grey Lake, it re-opens a case that has gone cold for two decades, reopening old wounds, and raising old questions. Twenty-three years ago, Lance Kruger was a ten year old boy, when his father disappeared on his way to the grocery store, resulting in a downward spiral in his mother’s mental health. When the Buick resurfaces, and the skeleton of a local waitress is found in the back trunk of his car, more questions arise surrounding his father than Lance can answer.

With the help of his girlfriend and Sharp Investigation’s in-house lawyer, Morgan Dane, Lance begins to investigate the circumstances of his father’s disappearance. The closer that they get the to the truth, unraveling the web of lies, the more people who knew the truth about the case end up dead, although Lance’s mom barely survives two attempts on her life.

Then, County Sheriff King catches Lance and Morgan stalking a potential suspects, and arrests them. Instead of taking them to the county jail, he takes them over to Grey Lake, where he attempts to kill them, in order to cover up his crime. Turns out that the County Sheriff was the murderer of the man who died in his jail, the woman in the back of Lance’s father’s car, and Lance’s father. He was also the man behind the murders of the witnesses. Lance and Morgan escape, and hide out in the woods, until a rescue party including Sharp finds them.

My Verdict: Once again, the book is well written, fluidly going between the various perspectives of the people involved in the present day, and creating the necessary tension to keep you guessing. It also goes to show that even people in law enforcement jobs are not above being lawful, and you never know what evil lurks where.

I enjoyed the book, and look forward to the next one.

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