19 Cleveland: Tel Avivian Food in NYC

Finding this restaurant was a pure stroke of luck. My significant other and I had been passing by the location, after doing some shopping in Soho, on our way to find another restaurant. Curiousity got the best of us, and we decided to check out 19Cleveland

One of the first things that we noticed as we entered was just how loud it was in the restaurant, so not so hard-of-hearing friendly, and as a result, we ended up talking via chat messages on our phones over the food. I’m sure we looked like two typical millenials who can’t take their eyes off of the phones to other people. Of course, not everyone knows my story, and my problems with loud restaurants, so people just assume. But that’s another story for another day.

Trying to find a moment to relax in the noise

In addition to the loudness of the restaurant, someone was having a birthday party at the bar, because every so often, people would scream birthday wishes. And since the restaurant is one big open space, as many modern restaurants these days are, the sound carries.

Aside from my gripe with the noise level, I found the food to be amazingly good, and unexpected. I ordered the Spicy Falafel Burger, and shared a regular hummus with my signficiant other, who also ordered falafels. The hummas was good, with a stronger chickpea flavor than the one that I’ve tried in Kish Kash and it was good, but I realize now that I prefer mine with a subtler and more creamy flavor. The spicy falafel burger, on the other hand, was absolutely wonderful. I’ve had falafels in the past, but not a burger, and it was such a unique experience with the flavor of the spices, the mayo, the tomato, lettuce, and the falafel mixing together. There’s nothing out there that I can compare it to, and it proves the point that you don’t always have to have meat in order to have a burger.

Falafel burger, hummus, and falafels

I would definitely come back to this place; however, it would one-hundred percent have to be on a day and time when it is less busy and less noisy.

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