Gosciniec: Another Traditional Pierogarnia

Another day, another pierogarnia…because what else can we do except to try and find the best pierogarnia chain for you guys?!

This time, I discovered Gosciniec, thanks to the recommenation of a co-worker who was visiting Poland on an earlier business trip. Not sure where this co-worker heard of this place, but I decided to check it out because I’m always on the lookout to try new restaurants and especially fill myself will pierogi.

The one that we went to in Warsaw, is right across the Zapiecek on Nowy Swiat, and to be honest, I was unimpressed with this location. No, unimpressed is the incorrect term…very very disappointed with it to be honest, and I’m not keen to return any time soon.

Street view of Gosciniec

First of all, the place was tiny, with about 12 tables crammed into the space, and on top of all that, they were blasting music. That, for me, is an immediate turn-off because it gives me headaches as I’m not accustomed to such loudness, especially if I’m wearing my hearing aids. Furthermore, if I’m with someone else, this type of music makes it impossible to have a conversation, and like any other European-raised person, I actually enjoy having a conversation over my meals. In fact, all this music did, was made me want to get out of the restaurant as fast as possible, because it was horrible.

Since it was cold outside, I ended up choosing to get the sour rye soup in bread option, which was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed having the opportunity to eat some breat alongside the soup, as they complement each other perfectly. And I also tried some of the pierogi, which were okay, but not the greatest. Unfortunately, Gosciniec is more limited in the types of pierogi that they offer; however, they charge less for 9 pierogi than Zapiecek. Still, I’m not quite sure that this restaurant is an exemplary standard of Polish cuisine.

Zurek in Bread

Overall, not hard-of-hearing friendly, and not great in food.

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