Kish Kash: A Moroccan Vibes

If you are looking for a good couscous and hummus place that is also hearing-loss friendly, definitely visit Kish Kash on Hudson Street in New York. It’s in a rarely passed street in New York, so it will be a bit out of the way, but it is definitely worth visiting.

Kish Kash has a modern Moroccan decoration, with tiles on the wall, and white, clean space. The tables are surrounded by couches and pillows with Middle Eastern/ Moroccan design.

Kish Kash Decor

The food is simple, but at the same time flavorful. They focus on making couscous with different types of meats and some vegetables, as well as hummus.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am one picky eater, and hummus up until my visit to this restaurant was never first on the list, nor did I ever have a desire to try it because it never looked good to me. But Kish Kash convinced me to go out of me to go out of my previous comfort zone, and try some hummus.

And boy, was it so creamy and tasty that I began to wonder how come I never liked it before. Unfortunately for the photos (but fortunately for our tummies), the food was so good that we ended up eating it before we had a chance to take pictures.

The very tasty Hummus

Furthermore we went pre-dinner time, and post-lunch time, so much so that the restaurant was quiet with a gentle Moroccan ambience, and very soft music. So it’s definitely hard-of-hearing friendly!

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