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Happy New Years!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Years! May this year bring more adventures–whether they be in-between the pages of a book or on the road to the most unique places–and all of the things that bring you joy and happiness. May you stay healthy and continue to do whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

But of course, I would be remiss in a traditional New Year’s Day post if I didn’t have at least some New Year’s Resolutions.

The 2023 goal for The Girl with the Red Backpack is to continue to share honest reviews on books of all types in order to help you decide whether they are your cup of tea or it’s best to avoid them entirely. I want you to also reach your own reading goals (if you make them a resolution for 2023) by helping you figure out which books would be more to your liking or not.

As such, I am hitting the pavement running this year with reviews all lined up for you to read, all coming up in coming succession over the next few weeks. To be fair, some of these books are books that I’ve read last year but due to time constraints, I’ve got them prepared for this year to be published, but there will also be new books that will be part of my reads for 2023. I want to make sure that I have books being released this year as part of this year’s reviews.

To that end, my personal reading goal is 52 books-one book per week, and some books that I’m looking forward to include the next book in the A Shadow In the Ember series, and of course, I have a million and one books in my Goodreads profile so I can just continue to go down the list.

But another resolution for The Girl with the Red Backpack for 2023 is to incorporate recommendations and requests from my readers. So, friends…what would you like to see me read and review this year? Any recommendations, must-reads, must look-out-fors? Share your recommendations below!


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