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Book Review: A Dirty Wedding Night

Title: A Dirty Wedding Night
Author: Jaine Diamond
Genre: Romance, Fiction

What It’s About: The day of their wedding, Jesse cannot get enough of his wife, Katie, who had been adamant about them not having sex for two days before their wedding, including the day of. So he cannot wait to have sex with her after making her his for good. At the firepit, he gets goaded by Zane and Dylan to go after his wife, but he doesn’t want to take Katie in front of all of them; furthermore, he’s worried about his sister–Jessa–who seems to be sitting there chatting with the members of the band.  After just enough goading from Zane and Dylan, he takes Katie back to their cabin, and tries to have sex with her on the path to their cabin, only to be interrupted by Elle Delacroix, the bassist from Dirty. Elle had come up from the lighthouse that was at the end of the path that all three of them were on, and she had caught them just as Jesse’s head was between Katie’s legs. They awkwardly say good night to each other, and Katie cringes at it all, saying that she feels awful about Elle’s broken heart, because Elle has been in love with Jesse all this time. Jesse tells her that he does not care, at least not tonight, because he is in love with Katie, his wife.  From there, he takes her to the staircase in front of their cabin, and once again they almost end up having sex before being interrupted by Jude, Jesse’s best friend, best man and the head of security for Dirty, the band. Katie is fully embarrassed by it all, and after they say good night to Jude, who just chuckles about the whole thing.  Jesse and Katie make it into the cabin, where they have sex on the table, and then they go up into the bedroom, to have more sex. At one point, Katie remembers that she had a “gift” for Jesse, which turns out to be a lingere, and they start making out, with Jesse making promises–personal vows to her—at which point he has an idea. He goes to the bathroom and finds Katie’s birth control pills and holds them up to her, saying that one of the gifts would be to see what happens once they get rid of the birth control pills. Katie has no real reaction beyond telling him that she’s interested and that it will probably take her a while to get pregnant after getting off the pills. So they crush the birth control pills with her heels, and then have sex again, with Jesse saying that he will be a great dad. 

At the firethe same time, starting with the firepit, Zane and Maggie jump into the cold water of the river, and when they come out of the water, Zane picks up Maggie and carries her to her cabin, butt naked, while she is slapping his ass. At the Cabin, Maggie does not invite him in, but he convinces her to let him in to her cabin to warm up at least so he won’t get hypothermia. Then, Maggie hops into the hot, steaming shower, while he just chills in the room, or so she thinks. Zane hops into the shower with her, and they argue back and forth over the fact that Zane and she married in Las Vegas nearly a year ago. Zane wants to tell everyone that they are married, but she does not agree with that at all, because she believes that he’s a womanizer. Zane argues back that she needs to let him fuck her, and at first she appears to agree with him, telling him to go find some condoms in her bedroom. When Zane leaves, she cools off in the shower, then puts on some clothing and a bathrobe before coming into the bedroom. Zane continues to tease her, touching her sexually, and saying words before taking off her clothes, and they end up having sex.  After they are done, Maggie tells him to get out, even though he wants to talk about potentially telling the whole band that they are married the following morning. She tells him not to ruin Jesse’s wedding by announcing that they are married the day after his friend’s wedding. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and Maggie tells him to hide. Zane refuses, and they argue back and forth because Maggie does not want whoever is at the door to see Zane in her bed or they will get the wrong idea of how she’s being charmed by the Band Womanizer. Zane, getting sick of Maggie’s crap, goes up to the door and throws it open to say hello to whomever is on the other side. 

At the same time, back at the fireplace, Roni gets out of the water, and with Dylan and Ash, they run to her cabin in the cold. She tells them if they don’t have condoms they cannot come in. The men are standing naked, when Elle passes by, and puts up her arm up so that she doesn’t see more of them than she needs to. At that point Dylan makes the decision to run over to his cabin to get the condoms, and at first Ash asks if he can come in while Dylan goes to get the condoms, to which Roni says no. But Ash is looking through her not at her, and he says that he will get the condoms, and goes to his cabin. Roni gets the feeling that Ash is not coming back, so instead she gets dressed up in cute hiking boots and outfits, and as she is heading out, she walks right into Dylan, who wants to have sex with her. She denies him, as she’s in a mood over being rejected by Ash, and walks off while Dylan goes to Jude’s cabin for a party. Roni makes her way to the main house, and is about to go find the keys to the booze, when she finds Jude in the dark, on a loveseat, touching himself. She scares him, and he shoves himself into his pants. Then they drink together, outside and talk, not really sharing much with each other, only for them to come back into the location and have sex on the loveseat. Then Roni and Jude clean up and head their own separate ways.

Ash, on the other hand, had run to his cabin, gotten dressed, grabbed some condoms, and ran back around Roni’s cabin, following the path to wherever Elle had gone. There he finds her sitting in the hot springs alone, drinking a beer, and the two of them end up talking. He asks her how she feels about Jesse, being at his wedding and what she is doing to get over him. Ash has a thing for Elle, and he then gives her an interesting proposition–they have sex to help her get over Jesse. At first Elle is surprised by it, but she does warm up to the idea and they end up having sex on the boardwalk after getting out of the hot springs.

My Thoughts: This was an interesting little read considering that the book was taking place literally in the middle of the second one–when they’re all at the wedding, and you’re getting to see the different perspectives across the board on the band. It was nice to read them from the different perspectives, but you also get an idea of the couples that are involved with each other, so it will be fun to see how those relationships play out in the next several books and what happens with them. Of course, we all know that in these romance books, the couples usually end up falling in love even if there is some tension there, so I am curious to see how these relationships play out. Overall it was a good quick read that shows the different personalities that are on the Dirty band, or in the circle around them.

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