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Book Review: The 60 Second Sale

Title: The 60 Second Sale:The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye
Author: Dave Lorenzo
Genre: Business

What’s it About: Dave Lorenzo writes about the tactics and the systems that he’s used in his career as a salesman. More than that, a coach. Everything that we do as humans is sales and persuasion, and there is a way to make more sales that doesn’t use outdated tactics such as cold-calling and forcing the sales.

It relies on building a relationship—and you can build one in 60 seconds, with anyone that you can meet on the street or as a networking event. Dave lays out the groundwork on how you can separate your current network into different types of people that help your business, how you can speak with people in 60 seconds and begin a relationship with them, and also the systems that you use that will help you deepen those relationships and make you more income.

And it all begins with the relationships that you make.

My Verdict: As you probably know by now that I am a much more a fiction reader than a non-fiction reader, but I also enjoy learning about the world. While this book was a bit dry in terms of the writing for my own taste, Dave really dives into the systems that he uses to make his business a success. He explains every chapter in terms of how you can benefit from it, as well as gives you little “assignments” at the end of the chapter that you can then put into effect. I’ve done several of these assignments and to my surprise, they do indeed work for sales.

If you are interested in starting a business and want to have a better understanding of sales and how to get sales that doesn’t feel icky or actually pays you back in dividends, then definitely this book is worth reading to at least learn the different systems and ways of doing things that you can then implement and experiment with. After all, every business is an experimentation.

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