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Book Review: Destroy Me

Title: Destroy Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Genre: Romance, Dystopia, Fiction

What It’s About: With Juliette gone, Warner finds himself frustrated because he cannot get her out of his mind. Crippled and in pain from his shot, Warner tries to continue the search for Juliette and her whereabouts. She haunts his dreams, but the worst nightmare is when his father arrives from the Headquarters of the Re-establishment to Sector 45 in order to take control over Juliette’s disappearance, and quash any potential uprising.

Warner’s father asks Warner for his plans on getting Juliette back, and reveals that he has known of a group of rebels for quite a while, but could never locate them. The group hadn’t bothered Warner’s father before, but now with Juliette in their possession, he believes that they are much more dangerous. As such, he wants to have Juliette killed because he believes Warner’s experiment went awry. And most of all, he wants Warner to spearhead the recovery efforts at night, in order to stop the rumors of the search going amongst the citizens of Sector 45.

Warner hates his father for the way that the man has treated him while he was growing up, and at first is unwilling to help his father in locating Juliette. While searching through Juliette’s room for information on the potential whereabouts of Juliette, and Kent, Warner finds Juliette’s tattered journal from her years at the asylum.

As he reads Juliette’s innermost thoughts, Warner’s emotional cracks begin to become apparent. He realizes that he has a lot of things in common with her, and realizes that he wants to protect her. As a result, he agrees with his father’s program to do the searches in the area at night. He hopes to find Juliette before his father gets to her, and warn her away to be safe. Despite Warner’s attempt to cover up his emotional cracks, he begins to see Juliette in everything that he does, including his dreams.

My Verdict: So this novella was supposed to be between Shatter Me and Unravel Me, giving us an insight into Warner’s perspective. He, at least, seems to be more in control of his stream of consciousness, and appears to be losing his sanity in a completely different way than Juliette. What bothers me about Warner is that he’s almost obsessive about Juliette and how willing he is to cross the line into going into her private thoughts. That said, I think that it is very clear that Warner is a lost child who has been abused by his father, so he tries to project a very hard exterior but is really confused on the inside, and also kind. He also fears judgment by his father, so that he will show that he agrees, but will do a lot of things under the radar to protect those he cares about or those he thinks deserve better. This helps me understand Warner to some extent, because up until now, he has been a perplexing figure in the book.

As usual, this has been an entertaining book to read.

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