Book Reviews

Book Review: The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocol.

Title: The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocol
Author: Jocko Willinks
Genre: Self-Help; non-fiction

What it’s About: The code is what you live by, and you can use the one provided in the book, or one that you make that is consistent with what you want to achieve. This is what leads you to become the Eminently Qualified Human, as the author of the book states, if you follow it and stay on The Path. In order for the code to be successful, you have to evaluate yourself on the basis of the code and if you fall off the Path, there’s the Protocol on what to do to get back on the Path.

My Verdict: An easy fast read, though it reads like a manual on how to press the buttons of a ship on Star Wars. Once again, Jocko comes out with a no-nonsense, get after it book, and clarifies that the process never stops. Once you reach your goals through the Code and walking the Path, you need to find another one, and walk that way.

The book is not as interesting as Jocko’s Extreme Ownership book, because it doesn’t have anecdotes and doesn’t show you how to put everything into action, so you have to figure it out. That said, it’s still a good read if you are stuck on how to move on from wherever you are, and are paralyzed by what to do next.

I may be a little biased because I absolutely loved Jocko’s Extreme Ownership, and think that it’s a good thing to practice, so I think that this book is a good read.

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