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Book Review: Everything We Give

img_190d5c6dc020-1Title: Everything We Give
Author: Kerry Lonsdale
Genre: Romance & mystery fiction

What its about: Ian got the girl that he wanted, and made a family and a life with her. He finally scored the story with National Geographic that he’s dreamed of since he got his first camera. Getting ready to go to Spain on his assignment, he realizes that he has one last thing to take care of–finding his mother, for whom he had unconditional love and who left him behind.

With Aimee by his side, Ian faces his past and comes to terms with his mother’s mental illness, as well as the truth behind her disappearance. He reconciles with his father, and makes progress in his relationship with Aimee, by admitting his fears and problems.

My Verdict: In the third and final installment of the Everything Series by Kerry Lonsdale, we hear Ian’s story. I’m not quite sure why we’re hearing from Ian, instead of Thomas, Nadia, or Kristen, because they’re all important characters in the first two books of the series. Nevertheless, once again Kerry Lonsdale masterfully switches between Ian’s past, and Ian’s present, to give the backstory and develop Ian’s character. I’m not as particularly fond of Ian as I am of Aimee and James, but two things that I like about him is that he’s a photographer and he loves Aimee. This book focuses on what it’s like for family members, specifically a child, to deal with a loved one who has a mental illness and a parent who is rarely around. The fact that Ian would choose to follow his father’s footsteps as a photographer–albeit as a landscape one instead of a sports–speaks to the connection between father and son, as well as a mutual love for the craft, despite Ian’s own acknowledgement that his father wasn’t much of a dad because of his schedule. Throughout the story, as we find out bits and pieces of Ian’s past, as well as the full confession from his father, Ian makes the realization that there were plans set in motion by his parents years in advance.

I enjoyed the book, and while it did give a closure to the series, I wanted to know what happens after the last scene in the book.

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