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Book Review: Everything We Keep

img_0327Title: Everything We Keep
Author: Kerry Lonsdale
Genre: Mystery Romance Fiction

What it’s about: On the day that is supposed to be the happiest of her life, Aimee buries her fiancĂ© and childhood sweetheart. Little does she know that the actors at play in her beloved’s disappearance and death are those closest to them. Unable to shake off the feeling that there is more to the story, despite attempts to move on and follow her dream of owning a cafe, Aimee decides to find James, her fiancĂ©, from the clues left behind by a mysterious woman, claiming to be a psychic. With the help of Ian, she flies to the town from the clues, and makes a startling discovery that leads to the unraveling of the circumstances surrounding James’ disappearance, and ultimately the truth. But is there any hope in her reconciling with James, or does Aimee’s heart now belong to Ian?

My Verdict: Well this is the first series of the year, and boy am I hooked on this book! I loved the characters, and considering that this is from Aimee’s perspective, she was very well developed as a character. I loved the range of emotion that Aimee showed in the book, and how from the beginning to end she overcame her loss not once but twice. There were parts of the book where I couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t have put two and two together, or at least chased something at first chance. But overall, her depth of love for James as well as her sadness, fear and growth made her someone I could easily sympathize with. I could put myself in her shoes and feel exactly how she felt, easily imagining what each moment was like.

I kept rooting for Aimee and James throughout the whole book, and I think that they are perfect for one another. Honestly, I don’t typically believe that high school or childhood sweethearts tend to work out in the long run (as I don’t know of any), but their relationship was sweet, warm and real. Despite some situations (not wanting to spoil this) that happen in the book, I still think that James is the right guy for her.

I also loved how seamless the writing was, and how easily Kerry switched between scenes from Aimee’s past, building up James’ and Aimee’s relationship throughout the years, giving fullness to the story, as well as the present and how Aimee dealt with everything.

The mystery portion of the story kept me on the edge of my seat, and even though it was somewhat expected, it was also surprising. After all, there wouldn’t have been much of a story if James wasn’t involved. The thing is, the mystery has not been solved yet, and I suspect the second book will give us more insight into what really happened with James.

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